V Force Back Brace

Medicare covers revolutionary new device that liberates seniors from lower back pain

Marquis Healthcare specialists trained in Medicare are making it easy for seniors to get the new V-Force Flex miracle back brace and regain their youth

Breakthrough in back pain relief: Bill and Fran Henne enjoy the miraculous pain relief that the V-Force provides by unloading the spine with gentle even pressure and creating valuable space between the vertebrae.

It’s time for seniors to get something back for all they’ve done for this country. Many in these generations literally went to war for America and now Medicare is providing a much deserved helping hand to millions of qualifying seniors with lower back pain by covering the extraordinary new V-Force back brace.

You see, at its worst lower back pain can be excruciating and debilitating. Even at its mildest low-grade back pain is a silent thief robbing seniors of their golden years and serving as a constant reminder of lost youth.

But now the revolutionary new V-Force is helping seniors everywhere relieve the grinding and piercing pain and many find they only have to wear it a few times a day to get relief. Marquis Healthcare CEO Rick Worstell has deployed his specialists who have been trained in Medicare to help seniors qualify for the V-Force Flex back brace for the next 48 hours.

Qualifying is very easy, in fact most seniors with lower back pain get the V-Force and much-needed relief for little or no cost.
The V-Force is a miracle of American engineering and manufacturing and many seniors find it literally gives them back the youth that was stolen away by lower back pain.

The V-Force has an innovative two-strap system that unloads the spine by providing even pressure and superb lateral support creating a hydrostatic lift that gives the heavenly sensation of much-needed space between the lower vertebrae.

Each element of the V-Force was hand selected and tested to provide maximum protection and comfort. The amazing, soft V-Foam gives just the right amount of support while enabling the brace to breathe keeping it cool and comfortable and keeping the V-Force odor free. And there’s no need to worry if something gets spilled on it, because it is completely washable.

Millions of seniors suffer from herniated discs, degenerative discs, sciatica, osteoarthritis and chronic lower back pain. The spine is a complex machine with 30 small bones and miles of nerves and even the smallest of problems can cause intense pain.

Whatever the cause of your pain, the two-strap system gives you to complete control over the compression you need to get relief. The V-Force also prevents painful unwanted motion and creates space that helps the discs absorb shock helping your back to work the way it was originally designed.

The best: The V-Force provides relief for the deep-muscle tightness and grinding pain experienced by millions of Americans.

When the pain subsides some seniors can lower their dosage of pain medication or even get off it completely which eliminates many unwanted side effects and reduces the strain on their budget.
The V-Force was made by Victory Medical USA with all seniors in mind. It fits waist sizes from 22 to 66 inches and it has no small pieces to fumble with. The V-Force is a marvel of American ingenuity designed by American engineers, made in America using materials sourced right here in the United States.

The experts at Victory knew that seniors love simplicity so the V-Force arrives fully assembled and has been designed so that it cannot fall apart so you never have to worry about putting it back together.

Nothing less would be acceptable to Richard Hamilton, Executive Vice President of Product Development and Manufacturing at Victory Medical USA, the company that designed the V-Force. “We designed the V-Force for the senior who have spent their lives making a better world for us, so making the best back brace ever created was a labor of love,” said Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Hamilton and his team thought of everything that seniors need. The back of the V-Force even has an opening to accommodate seniors who have had incisions or injections from surgery or cortisone shots so those sensitive areas avoid pressure and pain.

The V-Force Flex is simple to put on and take off and extremely comfortable to wear. And the best part is it will also improve posture, so in addition to feeling years younger they will look years younger as well.

Mr. Worstell of Marquis wants to help as many seniors as possible. “There are literally millions of seniors with lower back pain that inhibits their ability to do the things they love. Whenever I dedicate my specialists to this project they are flooded with calls so I urge seniors to call immediately.”

The clock is ticking for seniors to claim their V-Force Flex back brace through this announcement. The V-Force is a state-of-the-art device and is covered by Medicare and private insurance for all qualifying seniors. The specialists at Marquis are only on call for the next 48 hours so it’s imperative that seniors call at once to get their V-Force for little or no cost.

Mr. Worstell has committed to get to every call in the next 48 hours so as many seniors as possible can get the relief they deserve. Since no one knows when or if Mr. Worstell will devote his specialists to the V-Force again readers are urged to call straightaway to get their V-Force and begin enjoying the things they love with less pain and more freedom.

How to get the V-Force

The revolutionary new V-Force back brace is already helping seniors and others with lower back pain all over the country, but it is not available through retailers or on the internet. So, to help seniors all over get the V-Force, Marquis Healthcare has dedicated its specialists for the next 48 hours.

The specialists have been trained in Medicare and they make it very easy for people with lower back pain to qualify for the new V-Force. Qualification is easy because the specialists do all the work for you. In fact most seniors with lower back pain are expected to qualify for the V-Force for little or no out of pocket cost.

Since Medicare is now covering the V-Force the phone lines are expected to be flooded, so if lines are busy please keep trying. To get your V-Force please find your state on the map below and begin calling at the time indicated.

Youth Regained: Mr. Henne finds he enjoys playing with grandchildren much more when back pain is eliminated.

Family: Mr. and Mrs. Henne enjoy walks with their family more when they can focus on their grandchildren without the distraction of back pain.

Teaching: As soon as back pain subsided, Mrs. Henne was available to enjoy the things she loves and even teach them to her granddaughter.

Call 800-860-8856 or complete the online order form to see if you qualify for the V-Force, paid by Medicare!*

*Based on individual policy coverage criteria—co-pays, deductibles, restrictions and conditions may apply.